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The mission statements information should be portrayed clear and concisely. A mission statements sole purpose is to describe the company, their goals, and their employees. When a mission statement is not written correctly the readers might get confused or be disinterested in the business. This could lead to financial difficulties because people do not want to put money into something they might not understand. A mission statement can be viewed different ways if not written properly which means simple errors can lead to misinterpretation. The statement should have enough information to describe the organization but not too much to over whelm the employees or possible customers.

The first mission statement I viewed was from the Human Services Benefits Company. “Human Services Benefits Company's philosophy is to provide unsurpassed customer services to all of our clients. We achieve our goals and those of our customers by specializing in insurance services and products specifically designed for human service organizations.

We encourage active participation, which will enable us to serve our clients in the most efficient, responsive manner. We strongly promote and pursue a safe working environment by implementing cutting edge techniques and methodologies. We deliver clear and measurable results and aim to ensure competitive insurance pricing. Our goal is to provide our clients with a fully functional operational system, which will encompass all their insurance needs. With a dedicated and passionate staff, we possess a strong desire to become successful not just in our own eyes, but in the eyes of those we serve. Our staff is innovative in design and actively pursues new advancements in the insurance, risk management and training fields. We work not to fulfill our client's needs, but to exceed their expectations” (Human Services Benefits Company).

This statement discusses the client and the clients’ involvement with the company.