Mississippi Bruning

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America has numerous major history events that's has changes America present society. The Civil Rights movement was one of the largest events in America's history. The Civil Rights movement made a great impact on America's society. Without the Civil Rights movement America wouldn't have been nearly as diverse as it became over the years. Blacks and whites played a huge part in overcoming the Civil Rights struggles in America.

In the Mississippi Burning film segregation was still enforced in the South. Whites and black did not have equal opportunities in life. Whites had control over the black even though slavery owns over and the blacks were legally free. Whites still had power over the South. In the film blacks play a role in the film where they had no control over the way they were treated during the Civil Right struggle. The African American that was brave enough to participate in the Civil Right movement was risking their lives and their family lives.

African American that participated the movement was not safe in the South. In the film any African Americans that were suspected to be helping the FBI were threatened, harassed, beaten, and even lynched by the whites. The black's homes, churches and barns were burnt down for cooperating with the FBI. Majority of the African Americans were too frightened to cooperate with the FBI because of the whites in the town. African Americans struggled because of the Civil Rights movement wither they participated in the movements or not. Few whites in the film suffered along with the African Americans for contributing to the Civil Right movements. The whites were looked at as they were betraying the racist whites for contributing in the movements. Whites that were a part of the FBI or gave the FBI information in the...