MISSISSIPPI "Magnolia state" Dec. 10, 1817

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The state has seen the rise and fall of several different cultures, and their remnants still blend together in Mississippi's culture today. Mississippi, one of the East South Central states of the United States, bordered on the north by Tennessee, on the east by Alabama, on the south by the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana, and on the west by Louisiana and Arkansas. The Mississippi River forms almost the entire western boundary, and the Pearl River forms part of the southern boundary.

General information:

Statehood: Dec. 10, 1817, the 20th state.

State abbreviations: Miss. (traditional); MS (postal).

State capital: Jackson, Mississippi's capital since 1822. Other capitals were Natchez (1798-1802, 1817-1821), Washington (1802-1817), and Columbia (1821-1822).

Origin of Name: From an Indian word meaning "Father of Waters"

Major Industries: Agriculture, Fisheries, Manufacturing

Agriculture: broilers, cotton, soybeans

Manufacturing: petroleum products, food products, chemicals, wood products, machinery, electrical equipment.

Bordering States: Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee

State motto: Virtute et Armis (By Valor and Arms).

Popular name: The Magnolia State.

State song: "Go Mis-sis-sip-pi" by Houston Davis. (see page 9)

State bird: Mockingbird. (see picture nr.1 on page 8)

State flower and tree: Magnolia. An election was held in November 1900 to select a State Flower. Votes were submitted by 23,278 school children. The magnolia received 12,745 votes; the cotton blossom 4,171; and the cape jasmine 2,484. In 1935, the Director of Forestry started a movement by which to select a State Tree for Mississippi, to be selected by nomination and election by the school children of the State. Four nominations were made--the magnolia, oak, pine and dogwood. The magnolia received by far the largest majority. On April 1, 1938, the Mississippi Legislature officially designated the magnolia as the State Tree. (see picture nr.2 and 3. on page 8)

State flag...