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Linda Silva


1 April 2014


The novel is as told by Morgaine through her reminiscing narrative. She is a sorceress who undergoes many changes, but is victorious and in the end, much wiser. Morgaine is the hero of this story. She was flawed yet sincere, very human, and yet somehow very spiritual and divine. She was not the typical beauty but yet she radiated with an inner beauty. Morgaine, is a warm, enchanting and above all real, woman. She struggles with her dual role as wise-woman, powerful priestess and sister, mother, lover and wife in a growing Christian society. Having nothing against the Christ, only "his priests" who trample on the traditions and beliefs of the Old Religion, Morgaine battles to find her place in the center of the worlds at war.

She made mistakes over and over again and suffered for those mistakes as did others.

She does not have a mysterious birth, but she does have a disadvantaged youth. Instead of spending her childhood with her brother, she is taken to Avalon to be trained as a priestess. Her future is what the Goddess desires. She is to keep Avalon from disappearing into the mists and being forgotten forever. Morgaine's main obstacle is Christianity and those who place it over all else. Revenge and personal gain are also topics that she must overcome to achieve her goal.

Morgaine's life, down to its very core, is shaped both by her desire to serve the Goddess and by her despair at seeing the Old Religion being tossed aside in favor of Christianity, by royalty and the common people alike. "All the Gods are One God" is the final lesson of this story. No matter what different names are given for them, they are...