Misunderstood: The Uncomfortable Laugh

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This passage is going to be about a time I felt misunderstood and the actions of others.

Back when I was younger, I was sitting in class, when a mentally challenged student walked in. He wasn't originally in this class; he had made a mistake and was confused. He began to ask for his teacher, and if we know who or where she was. Meanwhile I was reading my book, not paying attention to the class; I came across a funny line. I began to laugh out loud and uncontrollably. The teacher began to yell at me, for laughing at the boy. She then pulled me aside and asks me why I was laughing. I told her that I was reading my book and she said that she misunderstood why I was laughing. I felt really bad because not only had I embarrassed myself, but I also made the boy cry.

I later found out that the boy had sensitive emotions and I felt really awful. As I was on my way home I wondered what I could have done to prevent this incident.

The next day I went to class everyone was talking about me, and telling me that I shouldn't have laughed, and that his feelings were really hurt. I took it upon myself to personally apologize to my class and to the boy. I told them the reason I was laughing and that I was truly sorry for my outburst. I also told them I had no attention to hurt or offend anyone.

I know that there was nothing I could have done to prevent this incident. Now, I am more aware of my surroundings and my self-control of any of my outburst emotions or anything that contains my self.