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It is the third day of December, only twenty-two days remain till the celebration of

Mithra begins (Cunningham, 197). Myself and a few of my army comrades have big plans

for this upcoming occasion, it is just a shame though that some of our fellow country men,

and our own wives even, are trying to spoil our Mithristic festivities.

It seems the beliefs of Mithra are becoming quite unpopular in Rome. Only a small

portion of my fellow soldiers still belong to the brotherhood, and the soldiers are the only

ones who follow the ways of Mithra. Most of the Roman people will not even admit of an

existence of my religion, women do not like it because they are not aloud to partake in it

(197). That is for their own good though, Mithraism is not meant for women or the weak,

their are some things they just can not understand.

No, the people of this land do not believe in Mithraism, but they do have their own

god to worship. In fact it is all my wife can speak of, this Christianity. The faith the

people of Rome are demonstrating for this man Jesus and his teachings is very uncanny,

and it is only hurting my creed.

The nerve these Christians have, putting their most holy of days on the same day as

ours (197). This must be some sort of conspiracy in trying to finish off a dying religion.

If that is not enough, they even tore down my place of worship and built a church of their

own in place of it (197). Now I must travel two hours by horse just to fulfill my spiritual


My wife, she cannot understand anything. We argue continuously over how to

raise our son. Before my church...