Mixed Ethnic Relationships

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Mixing and matching: Assessing the Commitment of mixed Ethnic Relationships.

Although at least 1in I50 marriages is interracial and the number of inter-ethnic marriages in the U.S.A. has increased from 150,000 to 1.1 million in 1994, Alouise (1998) they remain largely unpopular, pg 640. Due to the misconception that people who involve themselves in a mixed ethnic relationship, (MER's) are morally degenerate or have a low self-esteem, the purpose of this study by Gurung and Duong is to contribute to a better understanding of the formation of (MER's) and to assess the personal relationship characteristics of the individual in this type of relationship and how they differ to an individual in a same ethnic relationship (SER's) The author's feel that this is an important topic to address. Due to the fact that because of the assumed misconception, different ethnic relationships will have different expectations for relationships, and as it is thought that dissimilar expectations are thought to predict dissatisfaction in people, those people in a (MER's) are thought to have less satisfying relationships.

However it is the belief of the author's that not enough empirical evidence has been gathered in order to validate this statement.

The author's position with regards to the topic is made clear with in the introduction as to why they feel that this study is warranted. The negative psychological view '(MER's) are prone to failure', pg 640 which is supported by Burnette (1995) and Root (1996) and state that due to the lack of empirical evidence needs to be re addressed. The author's site the flaws of any previous study and explain why their study will compensate for the shortcomings of any previous study. Gurong and Duong make it clear that because of this and the minimal amount of research done and due to the potential...