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Dan Serron

Mr. Hardy

English 11R

May 15 2003

The Crime of Affirmative Action

Is it just that qualified student with the credentials to get into the college of his choice is not admitted because of the color of his skin? Is affirmative action really the answer to diversifying our college campuses? According to columnist Maryanne George, "The key weather or not the use of race is legal under the Constitution's 14th Amendment-commonly known as the Equal Protection Clause."(1). Are colleges using affirmative action to legal discriminate? Does affirmative action contradict out values as a nation? Jennifer Gratz a student who was rejected by Michigan believes "If you give extra points for being of a particular race, then you're not giving applicants an equal opportunity."(Jost 2). Every year many students who should be admitted to colleges they applied to are denied by colleges that they have should get into because of affirmative action.

Affirmative action is unfair and discriminating to qualified non-minority students.

In addition to being discriminating to students affirmative action is also violating the Constitution's 14th Amendment. Policies like that of Michigan's contradict the equal-protection clause of the 14th Amendment and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, which do not allow schools or other places to get federal funding if they are discriminating by using race or by any other means of discrimination.(Shea 2). According to Thomas E. Wood the Executive Director for the California Association of Scholars:

Colleges should eliminate the use of race in admissions. One cannot prefer on the basis of race with out discriminating against other on the basis of race. Treating people differently on the basis of their race violates the Constitutions guarantee of equal protection under laws... Diversity is an important public policy goal, but there is a right...