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In her speech "A Whisper of AIDS," Mary Fisher uses many language devices to enhance her speech. The one that uses quite often is the imagery language device. There are many parts in her speech where she uses this device very well and uses this device to draw a reaction of of her audience. This imagery device is defined as the use of vivid language to create mental images of objects, actions, or ideas. The first place where this use of imagery is seen is in the introduction of the speech. She states, "two-Hundred thousand Americans are dying; a million are infected." She uses this imagery to make the audience realize how AIDS is not only affeecting the country but how it's affecting the world. I think she mentions the US numbers because she is trying to hit close to home so people can imagine in their heads how many of their people are suffering from this disease.

Another place where she uses imagery very well is when she saying that AIDS just doesn't effect a certain population in the country. AIDS can effect anyone who encounters it. To drill this thought into the minds of her audience, she states "Though I am a white mother, I am one with a black infant struggling with tubes in a Philadelphia hospital." She makes this point to make her audience realize that AIDS doesn't have a color barrier or even a social barrier. This example of imagery helps her speech a great deal because it makes her audience pause and seriously think about what she is saying. Although I only talked about the imageryMary Fisher uses, she uses many other language devices in her speech.