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Personal space. An area that is all yours. A place you can feel comfortable in. This space is owned by you. Anyone who steps in it is invading your space. Personal space can be any area and can come in any form. One common personal space in today's society is the car. The car is one's own personal mobile space that is almost like a home on wheels. Many people live, relax, and eat in their cars. The interior of the car is usually decorated or filled with objects which reflects the personality of the owner. It could be a businessman with his suitcase and papers scattered on the seat, or a college student with her food wrappers and books everywhere. People would also rather be alone in their own space, which explains why many people in America drive. The typical American would rather drive a car than take public transportation because of privacy.

Americans are more concerned about their own personal space and would rather be in their own space than be stuck on a bus with many other strangers.

The car itself acts like a personal "bubble" and most Americans would feel more comfortable alone in their own space. Many Americans commute to work or school and usually drive alone and feel more comfortable by themselves than with others. Being alone lets them express themselves and do routine activities without fear of embarrassment by other people if they were to carpool or take mass transportation. The car space is not only used during commuting but also during lunch hours. College students would often go to their cars during those long gaps between classes or lunch breaks. They would bring food and eat in the car in total privacy and comfort or study for the next class in...