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People over the age ten and under the age of twenty-one should to posses the latest form of hand held communication. Encase of and emergency you can not locate a pay phone.

The main reason why people should be allowed to possess a mobile phone is encase of an emergency. You do not have enough change to ring from a payphone. You missed the bus and have to notify your parents you will be catching the next bus and will be late home. In this case a mobile phone is very useful.

Another useful thing on a mobile phone is that your parents can monitor you every now and again. They can find out where you are and if you are in any trouble or if there ahs been a change of plan your parents are unable to pick you up for school.

Some people mat argue that research has concluded mobile phones can cause brain damage from the radiation that are emitted from the phone, however this is not true all of the latest phone technology are equipped with a speaker phone which allows the person to hole the phone a long distance away from there ear.

It is very useful for a child between the ages of tem and twenty-one to posses a mobile. It can be used for a state of emergency and /or just so the parents can keep in touch with their child and know what he is doing.