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Although mobile phone make the world smaller, they lead to several negative effects.

Mobile phones, one of the important invention of the man which bought world together to communicate with each other. It plays an important role in our day to day life. Mainly mobile phones are used to communicate to our friends, family and our relatives. We can also text the messages through the mobile from one to other. Now a days smartphones are introduced these helps more than a computer. By using internet in the smart phone we can find route map called navigation to particular distance, weather reports, and stock market and Google tools .We can also check our mails and taking photos upload and connect (24/7) with social networks etc. Simply, if we have mobile phone in our hand we can solve many problems and also entire world information is in our palm.

Despite the advantages, the dramatical increase of the mobile phone usage causes several problems. For example, if we want to expand the network they need to plant greater number of tower which results in an increase in Radiation. Due to this continuous P.O.S of radiations results a several health effects.

Researchers suggest that using of mobile phones in low battery mode like calls causes lot of problem to health because it receives the more energy which results in increase of radiation, these waves or rays receive are absorbed into our body tissue as energy, which adds to the energy being metabolism which results in cancer and infertility. By continuous using of mobile phones like overnight talking with girl or boy friends without sleep which causes stress in mind. Recent researchers also proved that by using mobile phone, our eye vision will slowly decrease.