Mobilisation of Technology

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Mobilisation of Technology



The current market is filled with many mobile devices. Consumers have adapted to the use of mobile phones to the extent that manufacturing companies are competing for the market share. According to the Monthly Economic Review (2013), personal computers in the first quarter on the year have decreased in sales. This is evident due to the numerous new smart mobile devices that are being introduced into the market each with new features that will entice the consumer. The variety of applications that can be used on the smartphones is increasing continuously. This is turning out to having a significant influence out how individuals are conducting both their personal and business lives. Currently, most of the smart mobile devices have touch screens, which make it easier to use than the conventional keyboards (Steinfeld and Maisel, 2012). Smart mobile devices have influenced the way individuals relate both in the family and social circles.

Additionally, individuals can easily share ideas and communicate easily on the social networks. The smart mobile devices also come with fully installed applications that enhance user experience on the internet (Economic Monthly Review, 2013). However, smart mobile devices have also generated negative impacts on the lives of individuals and it is very critical to note these negative impacts and discuss their extent of influence. Therefore, both the positive and negative impacts of the smart mobile devices will be discussed.

Positive Impacts


Currently, the activities and jobs of various individuals have demanded the need to travel to different places. The travel needs of many people in the population have increased tremendously. Certain jobs of individuals require them to travel to look for customers or may be required to deliver certain products or documents. The navigation or...