Mock-endorsement letter to Barack Obama. Issues on tax, health-care, and his Vice presidential pick.

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Dickson LauPresidential EndorsementThis year's presidential election is among the most significant in our nation's history. Although I will not rehearse the multiple crises facing us, I am certain of one thing: this is an opportunity for a national evolution, and I am convinced that Barack Obama is the person to capture it. With the economy in a disastrous condition, people must look to a confident and secure president and a strong government to be able to get them out of this situation. I generally agree with Obama's policies, especially his plans for handling personal tax and healthcare issues. Furthermore, I believe that Obama's decision on appointing Joe Biden as the Vice-Presidential nominee is a very wise choice. Barack Obama's strategies as president will benefit the nation significantly that Americans are sure to see the good days in no time.

In thinking carefully about the campaign and the strengths of the candidates, there is an extra quality that Obama exhibits.

That is, in addition to ardent intelligence, integrity, and a rare authenticity, Obama displays something that has nothing to do with age, experience, race or gender, and that is creative imagination. Coupled with cleverness and brilliance, Obama seems like the leader that can lead the nation with his wisdom. Obama's morals and ambitions give him the courage to look at our nation in the eye and say, "I will fix this problem."The nation's tax issue is slowly escalating and eventually we can all kiss our savings bye-bye. Fortunately, Obama has an intricate and efficient tax plan that can solve this problem. Unlike Obama, McCain would apply a lighter hand to taxes paid by the wealthy. The rich taxpayers win out under McCain's plan, while lower-income earners benefit more under Obama's proposals. Unfortunately, there is an increasing gap between the rich and...