A mock newspaper article about Ghandi which describes his basic achievements.

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An amazing man who goes by the name Mahatma Ghandi has recently shook up the world by having the great British Empire grant India home rule. On the 15 of August 1947, Britain granted India independence. The newly liberated landmass has been divided into a Muslim Pakistan and a Hindu India. Not only has this man accomplished what was once thought to be impossible, but he has done so in a fashion that will forever revolutionize the art of rebellion. With his passive resistance, the people of India have brought the British Empire to its knees. This moment is not to be thought of as a loss for England, but as triumph for peace in these days of war.

Gandhi's fight for the freedom of India was a long and difficult journey, but his philosophy and education helped him to obtain his goals. The revolution was not a short one at all, taking almost twenty years to accomplish.

This grand journey started upon his arrival to India in 1915. He had just returned from South Africa fighting for Hindu rights, and entered the country regarded as a hero. Upon entering India, Mahatma Gandhi set out upon a quest to learn about his beloved country. A country ravaged by poverty, prejudice, and pain. He was deeply moved by the state of which India was in. As he put, "Poverty is the worst form of violence." British control of India had only hurt the nation, and he decided that he needed to help his fellow people.

On February 18 of 1918 Ghandi began a four day fast to fight the Rowlatt Bills that the British enacted to legally

imprison all Indians without a trial for sedition. A nation wide strike ensued,

and Britain was forced to refrain. From there Gandhi set...