Mock violence is converting fantasy into a crooked reality

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In the second millennium, the world is still at a crossroad. There is an open debate about the effect that might have TV violence on our children's behavior. Everyday we are eyewitnesses to murders, violence and different types of crimes committed in every minute worldwide that we see on TV. As if it [TV violence] was not enough, watching TV violence is becoming a very common leisure mean for children. But does TV violence generate violent behavior in real life? Children who have been exposed for a long time to this kind of violence, because they aren't able to understand the difference between real life and films, have the impression of living under a persisting danger, and the only way to survive, like in film, is to become violent. Therefore, to save our children, this situation must come to an end. Children should watch TV only during particulars hours in the day, and also under the supervision of an adult.

Unfortunately, trying to answer the question above in the context of Albania youth is difficult, because, in Albania, this issue is not as debated as it should be. However, if this problem is present worldwide, it surely does affect Albanian youth, because childhood is universal. Therefore, we can use statistics from the States in order to make analogies and predictions for Albania.

Young children are more likely to imitate their heroes, because more often they cannot perceive the fact that fiction and life are two separate things. According to Ron Kaufman, journalist and teacher, also the creator of, and also based on Kaiser Foundation report which states: "by the time that the children are six years old, nearly half (47 percent) the parents studied reported that their children imitated aggressive behaviors from TV" (Kaufman, 2006, p. 699). Kaufman...