The Model T: A Legend in Automobile History

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Many inventions are made and go through evolutions but when the automobile was created no one expected a car like the Model T to be made. Made by Henry Ford, the son of a farmer and born in Dearborn Michigan, The Model T had a short production life and went through many different changes.

The Ford Model T was made secretly in a twelve by fifteen-foot room in 1906 on Piguette Ave. and was introduced on the first of October 1908. The public needed a simple and cheap car because of factory owners not paying their workers fair wages. Before the Model T cars were being sold for five thousand dollars and only the wealthy could afford them. The Model T started out at eight hundred and twenty five dollars and by 1927 the price fell to two hundred and sixty, much less then annual wages.

This doesn't mean that the Model T became popular among all of the social classes.

Not right away at least. But it eventually was considered one of the greatest buys and within its first year ten thousand Model Ts were made. The Model T got rave reviews. It was simple, sturdy, versatile, and weighed in at about 1,200 pounds. It had foot controlled planetary transmission, two speeds, four cylinders and twenty-horse power engine. It also hovered ten inches off the ground, which made for great ground coverage and easier rides over the hilly and not yet paved roads of America. These and other parts of the Model t were the reason the car became so loveable.

Because of the demand for the Model T, Ford needed a way to mass-produce the car. Experimenting with work slides, rollaway, conveyer belts, and hundreds of other ideas Ford created the moving assembly line. In 1914 thirteen...