Model United Nations Speach - Mexicos stance on the Kyoto protocol

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At this very moment pollution is affecting the worlds climate and Mexico is suffering natural disasters associated with these changes, so as you would expect Mexico supports the Protocol.

The Kyoto Protocol is an agreement involving 160 countries that have accepted they will have a cap of greenhouse gas emissions.

Mexico being a Still Developing country relies mainly on factories economical gain. Which naturally produce a lot of pollution. So the protocol would seem to financial oppose Mexico. Yet through the conditions of the protocol Mexico will not be at any disadvantage.

We Mexico feel that if a country is under direct jeopardy of finical loss due to the protocol it should be able to opt out of the provisions.

With the Kyoto protocol there are rules and provision that are enforced.

Some main rules are:

-There is a limit of greenhouse gas that a country's factories are allowed to admit per year.

The way the cap is worked out is, the country's yearly emissions are measured and then with the allowance of undeveloped countries a limit of carbon dioxide emissions is set. Then the country has to reduce the amount of emissions by a percentage, per year to reach a final goal in 2010.

And if a country does not use all of its emissions it can sell it to another country. Which is selling at an extremely high price. It is predicted that in the year 2010 the prices of carbon could reach $348 per metric ton. At this price Mexico could earn 1.2 billion dollars per year.

With the conditions of the agreement no still developing country should be at risk, and Developed countries have ample Resources, so there would be no risk of finical difficulties through the protocol. But developed countries may have a loss where...