Models of Ethical Decision Making

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Ethics begin when elements within a moral system conflict. Ethics is less about the conflict between right and wrong than it is about the conflict between equally compelling values and the choices that must be made between them. I believe this statement to mean that ethics come into factor when individuals are faced with a conflict that affects their morals and values. Each person's ethics vary according to their own morals and upbringing and due to this fact the decisions made by each individual are different. When faced with a conflict of one's morals and values one makes decisions based on personal values and the concept of "what one will gain" from that decisions versus what is actually right or wrong. Making decisions based on one's personal values and not just on what is actually right or wrong is the use of one's personal ethics. To sum up the concept of ethics I consider it to be the difference between following one's heart and following the rule book.

Though I do like the rule book I think the best policy is to follow your heart and generally it will lead you in the right direction. Each individual is different so it is impossible to have one set standard for everyone to follow when faced with difficult decisions. Each individual has their own personal ethics that they follow as well ethics that have be established by society as what is generally considered right or wrong. In my opinion one's morals and values direct one to take the best possible courses in life, it is just a matter as to whether one is willing to listen and follow those instincts. In following ones personal instinct I believe happiness can ultimately be achieved. This belief leads me to believe that I follow Aristotle's...