Modern Day Marriage. Is it possible?

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Modern Day Marriage

        To say that marriage is not possible in modern America is simply not the case. However, I do believe that people should put more thought into it before they decide to take this step in their lives. Most people think it is too easy to get married and I believe this is completely true. I believe that people should have to take a test to get their marriage license, this way you would be more hesitant to just jump into it. The more hoops people have to jump through the less willing people would be to get married till they were sure. People should have to prove that they love someone unconditionally and that they are willing to do what ever it takes to make this person happy, come better or worse.

        Most people see this as a way to show someone how they feel about them, but they are not really willing to do what it takes to make the marriage work.

They do not see things as a team effort, but merely as 2 separate people trying to make it in one household. Some people just like the idea of being married and when they actually get to the point of being married, they really wish they would have thought about it more. Although most people do not realize what it takes to make a marriage work, it really is entirely possible to make one work. The couple just has to be willing to do these things.

        People need to take the time before getting married and explain to each other, what is expected and how they are going to deal with things. People get married now and end up fighting about all kinds of things that should have been resolved before they got...