Modern Leadership: Trust And Empowerment, Literature Review & Discussion

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AbstractToday, leaders must understand the needs of the people they work with. For instant, their needs at the most basic level of income, jobs, housing, health care and their larger needs for a sense of community and mutual trust, for recognition and respect, and for new challenges and visions. In society, leadership is dispersed throughout all segment of the society - government, business, social agencies, associations, the minority communities and so on. The development of more and better leaders is an important objective, thus citizens must understand the responsibilities and limitations of leadership. For that reason, followers must know how they can strengthen and support good leaders, and must be able to see through the leaders who can be judged by their accountability and trustworthiness. The conventional wisdom asks followers to believe in their leaders, but do leaders believe in their followers. This paper will focus on how trust and empowerment affect leaders, followers and organizations alike.

It will look into some of the important questions as: what does it mean to trust and be trusted? What does it mean to be empowered? What is the relationship (if any) of trust and empowerment have on organizations effectiveness? It will also be illustrated in the literature review part of this paper the concept of employee empowerment and trust as well as the approach to leadership that empowers. Furthermore, this paper will discuss into whether trust and empowerment can affect organizations effectiveness by bringing focus on how it can motivate people for better performance in their organization.

AcknowledgementsThis project paper is a partial fulfillment of the requirements for Leadership in Organization - PMN 6043 course under the guidance of Dr. Amer Hj. Darus. Thank you for giving me the opportunity and sufficient time to complete this project paper. I would also like...