Modern Middle East

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Nikayla Smith

October 17. 2014

Mid-Term Home Exam

Modern Middle East

Peace Plan/ Kemal Ataturk

Savagery and quarrel, in a territory full of historic, traditional, and religious interest worldwide, the country of Israel has been the recipient of various international disputes. Regardless of the long term peace treaties and reconciliation, Israelis and Palestinians haven't reach a final consensus about the land of Israel. Their issues consists of the control of Jerusalem, Palestinian freedom of movement, and resolving Palestinian claims of a right to return to their religious land for their own refugees. Many of attempts have been made but no true agreement has worked. Turkish army officer, reformist statesman, the first President of Turkey and the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was a top candidate for TIME Magazine 2000 most influential person of the 1900s but didn't win but was still a hero in the eyes of Turkey.

Establishing a westernized country made him a hero of his people.

Harmony by lack of violence, conflictive behavior and freedom, Peace is suggested to be attempts at existing in a healthy lifestyle. Many attempts have been made to get the Palestinians and Israelis to coexist together. Looking through previous peace agreements and having thoughts about how I would want to formulate my own plan, I would want both groups to share the land as a unity through close supervisor, so they could both parties could reap the benefits. Both states have never taken the time to talk about there problems amongst each other, a conference would be held to lay all of their problems out on the table. Both believe that Israel is their native land, sharing it would be the only option. Each state would have their own individual ruler, but when problems arise the leaders...