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The Most Important Person in This Century Without the following person¡¦s compassionate encouragement and sympathetic support, AIDS victims would be reputed as untouchables; adolescents, who were homeless, addicted to drugs and alcohol would have never offered any concern or assistance. Without this person, people would be stubborn, stingy and closed-minded; millions of innocent patients would have been insulted, suffered and died. Undoubtedly, this important and contributive person¡¦s the honorable Princess Diana, she offered everyone with sincerity and guidance, like an angel sent by God who led desperate people out of suffering.

The young Princess of Wales decided to become involved with AIDS, a subject shunned by the British society. Overnight, Princess Diana changed from a young mum who liked to shop or listen to pop songs on her Walkman, to a mature young woman who had created a role for herself. Diana opened Britain's first purpose-built ward for AIDS sufferers.

She had taken an enormous risk with a deadly disease, which has shocked many people, she didn't wear any protective clothing. At that time the average Britain knew very little about AIDS. They condemned it as "that gay disease" which only affected "homosexuals and drug addicts," two groups which received very little sympathy from the British, many people believed the victims were reaping the harvest they themselves had sown. Some believed it could be caught and passed on by touch, kissing, or even hugging someone whom was infected. Some of the Queen's advisers totally opposed the young princess becoming involved with AIDS, a taboo subject never discussed in polite company or at British upper-class dinner parties and warned that becoming associated with AIDS charities could harm her position as the future Queen. Despite those criticisms, Diana was determined. She contacted many charities to produce studies showing how innocent babies and mothers who has nothing to do with homosexuality or drug addiction had caught the disease. Diana knew and understood that people are misjudging her, but she's got the sense and compassion to follow her own inner beliefs. Diana came far in helping others realize the truth about those with HIV and disproved the many stereotypes of the sick. She was the first important person in Britain to indicate people that AIDS victim are not untouchables, touching them doesn¡¦t meant death. Princess Diana made the statement to people all over the world, "HIV does not make people dangerous to know, so you can shake their hands or give them a hug." Princess Diana was the royal patron of seventy separate charities and had a restless work schedule to keep up with all of them. She knew she has a duty to perform it. Initially, charities devoted to babies and child welfare were singled out for her attention, soon Diana discovered other opportunities. She decided she wanted to help young people-closer to her own age-with drug and alcohol problems and the young homeless. After concerning about AIDS, the charity Diana determined to raise funds for research into problems of the unborn child, including stillbirth, infant death, and infertility. Since Diana came aboard, many of the obstacles were solved and tackled. Her involvement with the charity has attracted stars from the entertainment world, which has helped it improve the survival rate of some premature infants by up to seventy percent.

Meeting with the Princess brings new hope to the suffering patients. She understands the joy of having a baby and the anguish if something goes wrong. In 1987, she became patron of Turning Point, the largest national charity in Britain helping drug addicts, alcoholics, and mental-health outpatients. Diana has not only proved her compassion for sufferers, but has also shown the courage to take risks she believes are worthwhile. Diana visited clinics on her own without detective protection, met and chatted with the patients in an effort to help them kicked their addiction and encouraged them back to health. Princess Diana later agreed to become patron of the Leprosy Mission, she visited many young lepers in Indonesia. She did so much more than she had to, she sat on their beds and listened and talked to them. Then she joined the children in a game of bowls. She brought happiness and smiles to those children. She has shown by being so welcoming and natural with them that lepers are not a threat to anyone.

Diana was determined to keep up with her charity work, until her terrifying death on August 31, 1997, in Paris. When she died, everyone felt as though they have lost a close friend. More than a year after the sudden end of her privileged life, Princess Diana's charity work still motivates many others to donate their own time in hopes to help the lives of others. Through the vigorous fund raising and campaigning, Princess Diana has greatly effected the lives of the patients she has reached out to. She showed it wasn't necessary to be apprehensive towards the victims of the various diseases she worked with. Princess Diana lived an influential life and her efforts will never be forgotten. She definitely deserved to be reputed as the most important person in this century.