Are Modern War Movies Better?

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War movies have always been a favorite of American men, who love to sit back and watch someone else do the dirty work, blood, gore and destruction are a much loved by most men. Old war movies and new war movies have quite a few similarities in that they are both based on historical happenings, they equally show what happened during war, by the same token they show respect for rank and likewise showed how soldiers became brothers. Old or new war movies commonly show the basic facts of war, how we won or lost a battle. Much is to be learned from war movies regarding military tactics and mistakes made as well as how to avoid those mistakes again.

The contrast in these movies comes when we look at the facts utilized in the movie. The old movies drew on actual war footage and told the story based on historical fact.

In Tora, Tora, Tora they made use of war footage from WWII, this movie used correct times, dates and places of events that lead up to the Americans going to war. The famous statement of Admiral Yamamoto, "I fear we have awoken a sleeping giant"; is applied correctly and at the appropriate moment in time, this movie gives us a reason for this statement.

By contrast, while the new movies sometimes use real war footage; most times the movies are from a particular soldier's point of view or about a particular soldier. In "Pearl Harbor", a life story of two soldiers takes center stage with their romance of a woman. This just happened to occur during WWII and the attack on Pearl Harbor. While they did use the correct times and dates for this movie, we cannot tell if the story of the two pilots is...