Modernism The movement and what it brought about

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Today, I can type this essay on my computer and print it on my printer because of modernism. Many people are to thank for the great things that we have today, like Picasso and Freud for example. Modernism is what lets us grow and expand our culture into something great.

Anything that is created today, that has never been used before or if it is an upgrade to something that is old, would be considered modern because it is new and different, and it is more at a higher level. There are different types of modernism, like modern technology, and paintings, art, music, foods, hair styles and clothes styles. I think it is amazing what people can do when they set their mind to it. If people did not have creative and new ideas, willing to take a risk of maybe looking silly or being persecuted, people would still be living without electricity, or and kind of electrical technology, and still be drawing pictures on rocks with mud or clay.

Picasso created the new technique during his time known as cubism. No one had ever heard, seen, thought of, or used the technique of cubism at that time. Picasso had instead of painting portraits the way they are normally shaped, the way that they look, he made it into a sort of abstract cube shape. One picture that Picasso painted using this sort of cubism is called Man with a Violin. This was a different kind of cubism, it is called analytic cubism. It is called this because it has "a multiplicity of viewpoints replaced one-point perspective. The cubist image, conceived as if one were moving around, above, and below the subject and even perceiving it from within, appropriated the fourth dimension-time itself"(Fiero 9).

It is a painting...