Modernist Impasse.

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Modernist Impasse, Christian Opportunity

In today's society it's all about "doing your own thing" which is a saying from the sixties that is the embodiment of our current society. There are no morals or absolute truth and people don't need those things until something horrible happens like Columbine or September 11, 2001. People are seeing that the value systems of the past forty years haven't worked and will not work for the future of our nations.

If the worldview of our nation is changing or is changing its form, then Christians have a wonderful opportunity to change and shape it to God's liking. But in order for Christians everywhere to help the country, Christians everywhere must be unified and work together to achieve God's will. We can take heart as Christians because God is on our side and is fighting for. Unlike theism God is presently active in battle of principalities.

The 20th century is full of utopia promises, "the isms" of society and their accomplishments and what they will do for the world. These promises have failed, and those that still exist today will fail and may soon find their way into the history books of an era.