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On April 20th of the year 570 CE a great prophet, and a great leader by the name of Muhammad was born. Born of the Qoreish tribes of Mecca, the main job of the tribe was trade. Muhammad was a simple man, who lived a life of poverty. His parents both died before they were able to see any of Muhammad's great works. Abdullah (His father) was even alive at the time of his son's birth. His mother Amna, was only alive until Muhammad was six. From this point on, his uncle Abu Talib was to raise him. Through all of this hardship and suffering, Muhammad still managed to achieve great success. This essay will not only shed light on some of Muhammad's great achievements, but will also tell of the events in his life that made him the man he was.

Since his parents died at a very young age, and since he was raised by his uncle, he was taken on many caravan trips to Syria.

Where it is believed that he may have come in contact with Jews and Christians. He would eventually marry Khadija, (Who he had been an agent for on some of his caravans to Syria.) and although she was fifteen years older than Muhammad, made him a great wife. They had many children, although only a daughter named Fatima survived. Khadija was a widow, who had supposedly collected on her deceased husband's wealth. This helped Muhammad greatly. With this wealth, he was now able to attempt his main mission: To unify Arab tribes around the belief of Allah as the only true God. Mohammad wanted Arabs to believe in the one true God of the Hebrew patriarch Abraham. Abraham was also considered to be the ancestor of the Arabs. (As in many other...