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Mohammed Ali's Conflict Mohammed Ali, a man of morals aspiration and dignity, chose to be a professional fighter and refused to be inducted into the U.S Army, due to his religious beliefs. For those that don't follow the Muslim religion it may be controversial to be a conscientious objector. This is an issue that causes debate of standards and beliefs, just as it did in 1967.

First, lets bring to mind that Mohammed Ali wasn't always a Muslim. His initial life love was for boxing. His love, and skill was breed from personal goals set by environmental factors. In the middle of his career he was introduced to the Islamic religion. With that in mind, Ali refused to be inducted into the army after joining the "Nation of Islam," and his becoming a conscientious objector Followers of Islam do not believe in violence. The Islamic law, allows self-defense, defense of religion, and defense for those forced from their homes.

Harming civilians, destroying crops, and any causing harm to any natural resources, are all prohibited. Americans don't believe in harming civilians, just those that are harming us. That is self-defense, isn't it? Though I am not a Muslim expert, Ali's action's like those of other extremists, brings forth questions of religious legitimate devotion. With the quantity of religions in the world, who is to which is right and which is wrong? My personal belief is only one person in this world should be left to judge us. It is he that is above us and watching us over us. God does not condone harming of others, in furthering of one religion over another An important question is "what type of religion commends violence as a profession over fighting for a cause..

When you speak of law vs. religion you can stir up so much more then what you asked for. When does a law oversee a religious belief, especially when one is contradicting itself? That is a tough decision. How can we tell a person that has certain teachings and beliefs that they are wrong? That means we are being judgmental ourselves. There has to be a compromise with the population to maintain equity and serenity in the world some how. Either way we have to use our intelligence to reach a fair conclusion.

I myself can understand the conflict that arises, but I do not have a solution, merely I believe Ali used his religion as an excuse not to enlist in the army. How can you tell a person that loves something so much that it is against their religion? If he did enlist in the army he would have been able to fight at that time. We have to put ourselves in Ali's shoes and think why would you be against the army. He may have been scared, just like everyone else that fought in the army. Maybe, if he had a sufficient cause then he may of believed in fighting for our country.