Mohandas Gandhi Gandhi is a person who lived a nonviolent

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Mohandas Gandhi Gandhi is a person who lived a nonviolent life and still accomplished a lot. All of this began when he was a lawyer. He fought using ways other than violence. His major accomplishment was winning independence for Indians. Not many people can say they accomplished so much in their lifetime.

Gandhi used nonviolent ways to "fight" for what he wanted. He did everything in a nonviolent way. Instead of cooperating, they didn't and took any punishment without fighting back. If violence groups would fight, he'd rather starve then to fight back with them in a violent way. He had many ways to protest violence and get equality and independence without violence.

Also, Gandhi fought against Indians being treated unfairly. He got thrown off a train because he wouldn't give up his first class seat. This is because Indians or colored people weren't supposed to sit up in first class.

He and his groups protested this because it was injustice. He held speeches to try to convince others of Indians equality. He refused obedience and felt that Indians or colored people should have all the same rights.

Mahatma Gandhi was a powerful and influential leader. His nonviolent ways are an epitome for problem solving today. It took a very strong man to do all that he did and being strong in mind and will. He fought for the independence of Indians and with his ways, he did this, which was an important thing. I think that everything he's done. I think that he has impacted today's world in many ways.

Gandhi was a man who fought for Indian equality. His ways of fighting were all of nonviolence and civil disobedience. He also tried to get Indians their independence and in the end, won. He accomplished a lot, and all this without violence, which is a major accomplishment and he is still remembered for his victories and ways.