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Gandhi Reflection: The Life of Gandhi My view on Gandhi's life is that of respect. It is truly amazing to see such a person devote his whole life to one certain cause, while capturing the attention of the whole world. After seeing what started Gandhi's life long journey, one must wonder why such an incident would make him change his whole life.

As the movie shows, it is seen that at the beginning of the movie, Gandhi was a completely different man, than what he was when he died. Gandhi went through different stages/challenges in his life that not only made him stronger as a person, but also helped in him in his protest to abolish the injustices for Indians. Finally, after months, years of hardship & struggle, through the many protests he held, and after the hundreds of hours he spent in jail, the British finally gave in and India was declared a free country.

I would believe that the freedom of India was the final accomplishment for Gandhi but ironically many more difficulties would lie ahead. Gandhi went through several times where he fasted for long amounts of time, to end the fighting and hatred that had began between Hindu's and Muslims once India was freed. During these times, he was near death, but both Hindu's and Muslims agreed to stop the fighting because their actions would either stop Gandhi from fasting or eventually lead him to his death.

I believe that Gandhi's life is not only about the freedom of India, but through the freedom of India he realized and carried on the mission of the brotherhood of man to the whole world. But Gandhi's symbolic life came to an end on January 30, 1948, by several bullets to his chest, by a Hindu man.