Moliere's Tartuffe

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Journal 1: Tartuffe

To state my initial thoughts on the reading, I was irritated. The emotional response it invoked in me was that nearly every character made me physically angry. Orgon especially was a character that I just couldn't stand. I found him to be too immature. I related him to my fourteen year old, love struck self. To watch him as a full grown man, acting like the stupid 14 year old I once was, became entirely infuriating. I finally was able to sympathize with my mother as she tried to reason with my nonsensical logic. I also found Molière's constant use of sarcasm and sarcastic insults were entirely odious to my nerves. There were many times I wanted to throw the book across the room and walk away.

With that being said I cannot say that the book did not have its moments. The few components of the reading I did enjoy were mainly regarding Dorine. Dorine was the one character that I actually enjoyed, she was a contemporary character who acted unlike what I would expect of a 16th century maid. Ironically enough, despite my irritation from Molière's consistent use of sarcastic insults, I felt Dorine's character embraced and exemplified her sassiness. She came to life much easier to me than the other characters. Perhaps this is due to Molière's use of absurdity in his characters, comically exaggerating their faults and making them appear almost "cartoonish" in my mind's eye. Blatantly contrasted to the other characters was Dorine. She was the embodiment of common sense that grounded the story in reality while the others seemed determined to live in their fantasized realms.

In discussing the text in class I began to wonder about Mariane's boundless obedience. She seems to have no ability to stand...