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Father Damien inspired the Lepers that lived on Molokai island by; he changed the Lepers religious beliefs from whatever they believed in before to Christianity, he rose many peoples spirits on the island and gave them a feeling of worth and a point to still be alive, Father Damien built 6 chapels on the island by 1875 he made a boys and a girls home and he set mass every morning and listened to confessions. Father Damien inspired the lepers by touching their diseased bodies and he not being afraid to do so, he helped the sick from disintegrating quickly and he gave them the meaning of life.

Father Damien was born in Belgium in 1840, he joined the fathers of the sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary he volunteered for missionary work in 1864 and set sail for Hawaii, island no churches or colleagues. The island got severe case of leprosy from China.

Victims were shipped to Molokai Island in 1856.

Father Damien changed the Lepers Religious beliefs to Christianity. The lepers on Molokai island had know Christianity beliefs there they were just living like in scummy and slum conditions. Father Damien built 6 chapels as I said earlier and one small boy became an altar boy. He made a choir in the church and encouraged the lepers to sing he also made people he organized funeral services and burial ceremonies so that the death might have some dignity.

Father Damien Rose many Lepers spirits on Molokai island and gave them a meaning to live for. The Lepers on Molokai island were all down and sad because they thought it was D day for them so quickly, but Father Damien helped the Lepers on the island and changed their meaning of life. Father Damien didn't care about...