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Mom and Dad, the people who watched over me and took care of me every step throughout my childhood. They amuse me simply because they remind me of two people I know very well, my husband and myself. Each of them had their own way of showing how they care, but both caring for me just the same. They spent most of their lives devoted to my presence, but if there were ever two people more different, it would be my Mom and Dad.

Mom, sweet and caring, was always the person I would turn to in my time of need. When I bruised my knee; she was there to kiss it and all of my tears would disappear. When I had my first broken heart; she was there letting me know that my world was not coming to an end.

Dad, stern and hardworking, was always the person I would turn to when I needed help.

When I couldn't get that math problem to come out just right; he was there, helping me see what I couldn't before. When I couldn't determine which direction to turn; he was there, showing me right from wrong.

Neither Mom nor Dad have the same view of which way was the best way of raising me. Mom had a view of being patient and letting me learn on my own. Dad, on the other hand, thought it best to teach me first, so I wouldn't go wrong. Any person could see even without words, how opposed each of them were to the others way. For instance, when I was taught to ride a bike, Dad would get on my bike and try to show me how, Mom just took the training wheels off, gave me a push saying, "It just comes natural." Even though they didn't agree, I never saw them argue and once a decision was made; they both stuck by it, no questions asked.

Every once in a great while, Dad would try to cook dinner without any assistance. Being from the city didn't give him much experience on how to cook a country meal. Whenever he decided to encounter the challenge of dinnertime, I always steered clear of the fire. The best food Dad ever made was on the grill. When he neared a stove, you would swear that it had a vendetta against him. The last time I seen him cook was the time he caught bacon on fire. I don't think he has touched the stove since, but I can see that Mom doesn't mind. Every time she politely ate one of Dad's entrée's, you could catch that flicker in her eye of how she longed for that home cooked country meal we normally had each evening.

Every so often, I look at Mom and see how she misses the country. When I began school, Dad thought it would be best to move to town. I think he felt better knowing that he would still be close to his little girl. Mom never showed disappointment, but I think she was nevertheless. She still plants those beautiful flowers and keeps a garden every year, but sometimes I catch her mentioning under her breath how much more stunning the flowers would be if they had the country wind or how the vegetables would ripe more rapidly if they had more room to grow. In a marriage, sacrifices are constantly made and moving was without doubt one sacrifice Mom had to conquer.

The best times I would say was vacation, something we did to give Dad a chance to relax and Mom more things to do. Mom never had a career outside the home as Dad, but she never had much time to herself either. Making sure the dishes were done, the laundry was folded, and everything else around the house was complete was her normal day's work. Vacation time consisted of making sure bags were packed, the hotel was booked, and adventures were fun. Dad's vacation was his calmest time of the year; Mom's vacation was always her busiest.

Although Mom and Dad have comparable differences, one thing the same is their bond. Never in my life have I ever seen two people more in love. At times I notice their youthful manner as they laugh quietly or give those mischievous looks to each other just as any other couple devoted to one another would. The common thread between them is how they understand and value each other, but I have never seen them completely dependent upon each other either and for that their independency allows them to live together blissfully. They are true symbols of the meaning opposites attract.

Now that I am married, I have just begun to understand what my parent's feel. When my husband and I reach the age of what my parent's are now, I only hope to possess what they have today. With my Mom's lightheartedness and my Dad's seriousness, I wouldn't be the person that I am now and for that I thank them.