The moment he entered the room I knew my life was going to change...

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I've just finished working and was getting ready to leave when the phone rang. With a monotonous, tired voice I asked who was speaking, but there was no reply, only a quiet melody playing in the background and after a minute a voice whispering "I'm watching you". I trembled, and hanged up the phone. It rang over and over again, but I was just starring at it, not being able to make a single move. I looked out of the window, but it was too dark and cloudy to see anything.

Trying to convince myself that it was just a figment of my imagination, I started to pack my belongings into a small leather bag. Thinking predictably, I grabbed also a paper knife, persuading myself that there's no danger and I will not need such a weapon.

Then the power in a whole building went down, I wanted to shout but my voice got stuck in the throat.

What could I do? I was sure there was no one beside me in the building- I was always leaving as the last one, locking the door and setting the alarm. 'Ridiculous'- I thought- 'thirty-year-old woman shaking with fear because of a kid playing with a phone.'

Right after that I heard the door slam. There was no more fun. I locked the office and, equipped with a knife, hid behind the desk. Shortly I discovered the phone is out of order, so calling the Police or Security was impossible. The man was right behind the door, trying desperately to open it. I clenched my fist on the knife. The moment he entered the room I knew my life is going to change...