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Money is the power, power is the money ..... We all know that people from our century try to get more and more money ..... Money became people's aim in life ......

We live in a materialistic society. People want to possess as much as possible and have the best things only. If we buy a TV-set, our neighbour immediately buys a better one. If we buy a car, our neighbour decides to buy a more expensive one or even two cars: one for himself and another one for someone from the family. If we buy a cottage on the lake, our friends look for the same. This is commonly known in England as Keeping up with the Jones's. And so the frantic race goes on. We want to choose better things than our friends choose, send our children to better schools and give them everything that is better.

Our children have to have the same things as our neighbours in order to obtain the best education and better jobs. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between the Jones's syndrome and snobbery!

It is only in affluent societies that people are obsessed with the chase for money. The money is spent on consumer goods, namely clothes, cosmetics, cars, tools, computers, food, houses etc. People do not have time to enjoy these things because they already think how to replace them with the latest model. They completely lose their sense of values. They think that if they possess more, their dignity is bigger. Only in old age or when dying do they see how precarious a balance based only on possession is. They regret they have to leave all these valuable things behind, and it is hard for them to die.

In poor societies people enjoy life. They smile sincerely...