How money conflicts with the love of sport.

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Today money has become an important issue in sport and many times is controversial. Most children start out in a sport for social activity or to get away from their peers. As they progress to higher levels and start getting more competitive, the reality is we want to win. The love for sport is seen all around the world such as in the supporters, the coaches and most importantly, the players which leads to asking why do we play? Who do we play for? And What are we playing for? Coaches often say "play with your heart" during a competitive game and this doesn't come naturally. We have to learn and grow with a sport to appreciate it in ways that no-one can explain. So do professional players today play for the love or for the $400,000 cheque?

Amateur athletes compete without any realistic hope that their sport will bring them riches or even cover expenses so why do they play? The lifestyle of an amateur player isn't exactly ideal but when you want to play a sport nothing can stop you.

In many extreme sports such as snowboarding or skateboarding the lifestyle is very difficult as a beginner because of the uncertainty and progression time. Skateboarding isn't fully accepted in many areas because of the destruction done to private or government owned property. People say, "why don't they stick to the rules and only skateboard at a skate park". These remarks make sense in some ways but when we listen and understand the problem we realize that these young individuals started this activity to be different. Abiding by the rules and staying in one area wasn't chosen in the first place.

How far will people go for the love of sport? The JFK plaza (ironically nicknamed love park) was...