Money Does Talk

Essay by Sadrina February 2003

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One dogma is now held widely by some persons who claim moral superiority. That is, money is not everything. To some extent, there are some truths in this dogma, however, those people tend to fall into the oblivion of the fact that money is not everything, but without money, we can do nothing. So believe it or not, in this materialistic society, money does talk!

With money, our life can become more substantial. In a society like ours, a higher education is a must. All the citizens want to improve themselves by going to all kinds of training class for fear that one day they will be definitely placed at a disadvantage in this challenging world. There are also people who come to take such courses as Chinese traditional medicine, painting, calligraphy and photography. Thus, we have accustomed to paying the fees of education. Meanwhile, we need build up our health.

We do physical exorcises and take measures in keeping in good. Other things such as the management power of a joint-stock company, the social status also depend on the money. Well, all these make our life substantial, and at the same time they need our money.

With money, our life can become more colorful. In modern society, we people do not need to worry about the sufficient food and warm clothes. Our attention has been focused on the quality of life. We need money to fulfil our old dreams or our heart's desires. We are listening to the CDs, watching DVDs or films, going to all kinds of bars and KTVs, even travelling the world. Well, all these things also need our money.

With money, our life can become more meaningful. China is a prosperous country, but a developing country as well. Some areas are still in...