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We use money to buy food and clothes. We need to work very hard to make a living support our family. Money is a tool that helps us alive and existent in a society. We are growing up to earn money and buy what we need. Exchanging, purchasing, manufacturing, and doing other activities also need money. Is money everything? If you had a lot of money, could you buy anything you want? Or if your money went, would you lose everything? These questions are our daily questions. We used to wonder these questions at least once in our life. If we don't have money, it doesn't mean that we have nothing. However, we recognize that money is very important in our life.

With money, we can buy more things. In a bad society, money can buy positions and diplomas and make people worse and worse. Money can also help people become famous and it tends to respect money too much.

Some people want to influence others, so they use money. It is not a long time for a society to be destroyed if money is used in anything and any case. Thinking of money too much may bring success or failure to our life but the most important thing we need to remember is that money is not the value of life.

People also change people by using money. Nowadays, it is very easy to influence people who seem to be ready to obey and listen to commands if they are covered with money. Money may not buy a real love, but in fact, money has become the first thing to consider when someone expects to get married. One more thing we can not believe though it is true is that money can change from black to white and vice versa, and it makes life darker and darker.