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Gone are the days when you were told life isn't what your eyes beholdthe new world has new demandsmoney and status is what everyone asksit dont matter what the books sayand no matter what the elders tellwithout money life is not life, but hellbank balance is the new idstatus assures a high societycash is what people long to seeaccount holders is what all throng to bewho cares to earn respectand who needs a clean soulwhen money has the powerto buy them allwith money you can tell the worldwhat it is and what its notmoney is the powermoney is godthere is just one thing that suits the eyefor which people will kill, people will diefor money they worship Thorfor money countries go to warfor money they kill their brothersfor money they hurt their mothersfor money they will laughfor money they will slaughterfor money they will cryfor money they will sell their daughterthis new world can't be changedno matter whatmoney is, money wasand money shall remain to be godall that you can do is just hold onand watch as the show goes on-----------------------------------------It isn't for love she is with him the ageing and bald headed StanBut to his money she is surely attracted and money in her eyes makes the manA blond in her late twenties and quite attractive and he has turned seventy fourBut money to her is what matters and he is worth fifty million or more,Young enough to be his grand daughter his eldest grandchild is her ageHer sugar daddy he is ageing a very wealthy man but not a sageTo him she is heavily pregnant to his vast fortune another heirHer first child a son or a daughter will be born as a millionaire,She is known as the sugar daddy's woman her man may...