Money Over Mind: Ethical Dilemma in Schools

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This essay is about advertising in public schools and the payoffs the schools take to keep funding up.

Some people may believe that school advertising is bad for the schools because the companies are pretty much forcing their products down our throats. Chances are the only company to support a school would be along the lines of a soft drink or fast food company. Although there may not be any moral or edifying incentive involved there would be a major backing in funds and new equipment.

Most contracts made between advertising companies and schools are fairly reasonable. The company buys the school a certain amount of equipment based on value and the school will display various advertisements for a given amount of time. Also the school will most likely be limited to using the companies product. Once the contract expires the school keeps the equipment no strings attached. It basically comes down to how much is the school hurting in terms of currency.

This could mean the states tax dollars could go to many other places besides the school system. Or it could be used to boost the educational system even further. Beyond that previously allocated funds could be given to teachers as a compensation for low salaries. This would have a positive impact on education as a whole. More teachers means more opportunities and classes for students.

On the other side of things the school selling out to a corporation would mean constant subliminal advertising instilled in every student and faculty members psyche. Even though the average person is exposed to numerous ads by the time he or she may enter an upper tier school, it doesn’t eliminate the fact that the ads are now monopolized and the mind will receive only one kind of ad. Its alright to...