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Money Is The Root Of All Problems In Sport I agree that money is the root of all problems in sport. It is the reason that football clubs, which do not have financial support, have to merge with another club, which is on a more financial position. Being a more financial team means that sponsorship is obtained easier, better players and coaches are drafted, and facilities are upgraded.

Another example, is at the current Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, where the Australian Government has put funds towards the Australian Olympic team in order to obtain more medals. The funds have been towards better coaches, improved facilities, increased international competition and greater squad depths.

In 1989 Australia's top Aerial freestyle skier Kirsty Marshall had no money manager or coach and there was no national team. Kirsty was sponsored by Travel Company but had to pay for everything up front and keep the receipts, then invoice them.

When she came home from her first international season in March 1990, the receipts totalled $23,000 and the sponsor could not afford it. She had to seek an interest free loan from the Freestyle Skiing Federation. When other winter athletes started to appear, the Australian Olympic committee realised the potential and has contributed $750,000 each year since 1998.

Tennis and cricket are also other examples or how when funds from the relevant sporting committees are put towards the introduction of junior players to the world circuit. This enables the players to have experience before they join the senior ranks.

In conclusion, I believe that money is the root of all problems in sport, because of the extra money from the Australian Government and sponsorship we were able to produce two gold medals at the Winter Olympic Games. Our sporting nation would not be as successful if it were not for the money that has been put into sport.