Is Money the Root of All Evil?

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Is Money the Root of All Evil? It is tempting to say that money is the root of all evil -- with people seemingly scrambling about doing inhuman, if not entirely unspeakable acts that show no regard whatsoever for the well-being of others only to add a few numbers to their bank account, or add some pieces of paper to their wallets. However, when you examine things more closely, you'll see that it is not money per se that leads to this. In my opinion, it is the lust for money, and for what it can buy, that causes all this ruckus. Greed might be one of the biggest flaws of the human race. We are never satisfied. We always want more. This might have been born by centuries of struggling to survive. Whomever has the most gets the most. You'd think that humans would have gotten over this after all the evolution that we've gone through but the headlines on newspapers would tell us otherwise.

People kill for money because people have an insatiable lust for it. Consider this: if money is really what's causing all this, shouldn't every Tom, Dick, and Harry be at each others necks trying to get more of this stuff? But this is not the case. On average, a person who has enough of what he needs would never even think about stealing, much less about killing for money. Other people even find it in their hearts to share what little they have. Think of Mother Teresa, for example. But, it's just as I said before. We never know when we've got enough. People would always want a bigger car, a bigger house, a spiffier phone, or a more expensive suit. As a result, people step on each other for promotions at work.