The Mongol Empire

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The Mongol Empire although short-lived was one of the largest and most powerful empires ever on the face of the Earth, especially considering the time period. The Mongol Empire lasted for a mere 185 years, small in comparison to the Roman Empire, and yet in that short time it was able accomplish more than many countries, empires, or kingdoms could ever hope to. At its height the empire covered an area from modern day Korea, China, Russia, the Middle East, India, and all the land in between. However in many ways the enormity of the Mongol Empire is what would ultimately destroy it.

The official beginning of the Mongol Empire began in the year 1206 when Temujin was declared Genghis Khan and ruler of all Mongol people. Genghis Khan had been able to succeed in something that no other Mongol chieftain had ever been able to do, he united the Mongol people into one unifying force.

The Mongol people had never known such unity, for many generations they had fought against each other but now they were fighting side by side against anything that would stand in there way. This unified Mongol force could and would destroy almost every opposing force that tried to go against the Mongols.

There were several things about the Mongol Empire that were quite unique, in my opinion their most surprising and advanced characteristic is that they were tolerant and actually supported outside religions. This is something that is almost never heard of in other empires of that time or any time for that matter. What is just as surprising is that many of the religions that were in the Mongol Empire hated each other and yet they fought with each other to expand the reach of the empire.

Despite what I have said...