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CURRENT SITUATION The first Mongolian grill in London has been successful for the past few years. As a result Mr. John Butkus is opening a new Mongolian Grill restaurant in Waterloo, Ontario. The Mongolian grill concept is based on four features described below. Customers are involved directly in preparing their meals at three stations in the food preparation area. The process flow is detailed in the appendix.

SWOT ANALYSIS OPPORTUNITIES Waterloo: northern edge of a growing metropolitan area Adjacent cites: Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge Population within 40 km about 560?000 Creating a new customer base THREAT Increase of competition in the restaurant business Increasing demands of customers Demand for: · Dining experience, entertaining and unique · Quality ingredients, healthier food offerings and variety of choices · Customers want value · Unwilling to pay inflated prices · Accessible location · Comfortable atmosphere STRENGTHS · Entertaining and interactive atmosphere · Fresh and healthy food · Unlimited food quantities · Unique price · Customer involvement in meat preparation · Variety of choices Compared with the trends and environment, we can see that our ?product and services? match with consumer needs and expectation.

WEAKNESSES Low capacity compared with demand Queue time PROBLEM STATEMENT The key word summarizing the problem is capacity, which is not matching with demand. Consumers might come to the restaurant and not find empty tables. As a result, they will go to competitors.

ALTERNATIVES 1. Keep the initial floor plan Advantages - No additional cost - Could add additional tables and serve more customers - Same look as the London Mongolian Grill Disadvantages - Will not be able to serve more customers - Customers who will be turned away will go to competitors - Bottleneck is the cooking station - Even though we add additional tables and thus we will serve...