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Hannah Tanzer

The vast rule of the Mongols influenced the medieval world by uniting the regions, spreading goods and facilitating trade. Although the Mongols are responsible for many positive contributions to the world and are well appreciate by some, they were highly feared and looked upon as barbaric due to the devastation they inflicted on other empires because of their various conquests in an attempt to expand their own empire.

Some groups admired and favored the Mongols beliefs and lifestyle. First, before the time of the Mongols, the medieval world was not united and was rather functioning within their own realms as separate units. Before the time of Genghis Khan "everyone was feuding and… the whole nation was in rebellion" (doc.1). Although this may seem exaggerated it truly captures the corruption and cruelty that occurred before the Mongols and some what gives credit to the Mongols for making a better and more united world.

Yet this may hold a bias due to the fact that it was claimed by Genghis khan's shaman, meaning a person in his court. This was a person who was on Genghis khans' side and was trying to show all the good Genghis accomplished. Furthermore, not only were the Mongols admired but they were highly looked upon and greatly respected. The Mongolian court was taken good care of by their people. Great khan's court explains how "the whole dwelling was completely covered inside with cloth of gold" (doc. 2). The realm of the Mongols was successful due to the fact that the followers of khan listened and respected their ruler and this was shown through the high prestige Genghis and his court received. Lastly, the system of the Mongolian empire was set up impeccably. All people had an assigned place, preventing any defect ever to...