Monkey Garden : The Imagination of a Child

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When you are young, you can make an ancient junk yard your new bike shop. You can make an old, torn down house your castle. You can make an old, weeded, dirty garden your ultimate playground like in the story, The Monkey Garden. This garden was filled with as many weeds as the stars. There were beetles and spiders of all colors running around in the plants. Old cars and trucks had somehow found their way into the garden as time went on. Even though it wasn't anything special to look at, the kids loved it. It was their place to escape and get away from everyday situations.

When one day some of the guys were messing with the young girl's friend in the garden and she tried to go get help. When one of the moms wouldn't do anything about it, she went back to try to help her herself.

They all told her to go away and made her feel stupid. She just ran under a tree to cry and she wanted to take her life. She tried holding her breathe and willing herself to death. When she opened her eyes her dress was green, her feet felt as if they didn't belong to her, and the garden didn't seem like a happy place anymore.

I am not sure what I am supposed to get from the ending of this story. I think there could be a couple possible things that happened when she woke up. I think one possibility is that she had died. She had wished and thought so hard about ending her life that is actually did end it all. When she woke up maybe it was like she had become part of the garden. Another option is that she had fallen asleep and...