How Monkey Lost His Tail - by Aaron Shen 391 words.

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How Monkey Lost His Tail.

It was a day just like any other, except for poor Monkey. It was a hot and windy morning in Mexico City, Mexico, and Monkey found himself on a wooden floor of a smoky bar. His arms were flaccidly dangling down over his legs and his upper body moving back and forth lifelessly, just like it usually does. But something was missing... HIS TAIL!!! Where had his tail gone? He poked his head around his back and it wasn't there, just a hairy stump. The first thing that came to his mind was, "How am I going to kick pests away, peel bananas, and on swing trees at the same time, and what about the Olympics??" You see, Monkey was a top *Tree Swinger* in his hometown community of Sheboygan, and was going to be in the Olympics because of this exceedingly valuable talents that allowed him to function as three monkeys at once (kick pests away, peel bananas, and on swing trees at the same time.).

Once he calmed himself down, and wiped away his tears of sorrow, we realized that there were two huge questions. He asked himself, how in the world did he loose his tail, and where in the blue hell was he? He was completely baffled. Unknowingly he said these allowed and a big dark skinned band with biker jeans on, a leather bandanna, and an eye path above his right eye and said, "Usted está en la publicación de Pablo." Monkey quickly responded saying, "Excuse me??" The man chuckled a bit and said, "You are in Pablo's Pub, and the reason you are missing your tail is because you asked us to cut it off." "What do you mean?" responded...