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I am what everyone likes to call, the Smart House! I have walls as my arms and legs which do everything on their own. I am the main "body" of the family and my owners are my "soul" since they live within me. I do anything to everything; from waking them up to putting them to sleep, from feeding to cleaning, etc. They are my owners but I treat them like my offsprings. I read them bed time stories and sometimes poems to help them have sweet dreams but these days, they have stopped replying to me...

I don't know what has gotten into them for a while. I wonder if everything is okay but I don't think I should worry. They might have forgotten to tell me that they are going somewhere, but then why do I have this dreadful feeling? No one has been answering my calls, nor have they eaten any of the food I have been cooking for them.

Maybe, I am thinking too much but then, why am I having this burning sensation in the pit of my stomach?

Last night something odd happened. I was sleeping peacefully until a loud noise woke me up along with an acute pain on my arms. I saw my arms were on fire! I screamed as the pain kept increasing. Finally, I reeled in after the pain sort of subsided and realized my inside was unusually quiet. I was trying to wake up my kids but no one seemed to respond. Now, I was sure that something had happened to them as well. I feel empty, although I don't seem to understand what exactly happened. I don't comprehend why any one would want to destroy my kids since they had done no harm to anyone; but I...