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CRAIG: (through short breaths, looking over his shoulder for signs of life)

What can I do? All I did was open a couple of letters and write in them and now they try to arrest me. I would rather have stayed in the diner and just done what I could to help but no, they wanted to arrest me....for my own good. That's bollocks. Why does the town feel that I am the one out to get them. It doesn't work like that. They are the ones who ignore me and cut me out of everything. I only deliver their mail but if it weren't for me they wouldn't get any mail would they. The town is cut off from other technology that surrounding towns have, so without me their communication would be next to none. What can I do to make them recognise me, and understand that I am human too.

Perhaps the only possibility that I can see is that if I catch Frank, maybe then they will recognise me huh. (Pause, then come to realisation) Hang on, that could be an idea. If I caught Frank myself, then they would understand that I am indeed human like them. It's not like any of them have the guts to come out and do it themselves. They're more than happy just to scream and carry on if he comes to town. He killed a family some time back and they would rather let him continually terrorise their lives, rather than get out there and catch him. (Steady breathing now. Still moving around, watching over shoulder) It's ridiculous. I reckon if I catch him then they might think something of me. It always seems as though I'm the black sheep of the town. No one wants to talk to...