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Art Eggleton As a defense minister, I must not fail to respond to the public. I will ensure the safety of Canadians and their freedom by sending battalions of Canadian Troops to battle the terrorists. Moreover, I am committed to fight off the terrorists in Afghanistan. Why did the medias say that our government has cut off military funding to the point where we cannot sustain the kind of commitment the government made to this campaign? We still have legions of combat ready units, and I will keep the promise to help with the anti-terrorism war. I think the medias and the people should support and respect the government's decisions.

Ray Henault My position is a commander of the Canadians Troops, and it is my duty to lead the army to victory. I am well trained, strategic, and determined and I have experience in the fields. My troops and I do not need the American generals tell us what to do.

I must retain the ultimate command on all Canadian troops, and I will not allow Alberta-based soldiers to be under U.S. dominion in Afghanistan.

Canadian Troops Waiting for orders in the military base of Edmonton, we trained hard. Our goal is to defeat the terrorist group in Afganistan. This war is for the safety and the freedom of Canadians. However, we are somewhat frighten, because we are not too familiar with the landscape in Afghanistan. Moreover, those terrorists are experienced with guerrilla warfare and this can mean major casualty for the Canadian troops. Since Canada is recognized as a peacekeeping country, we will have to ensure the safety and freedom of this world.